Hi, I’m Nica.

I’m working as a freelance Paper Artist, Stop Motion Animator and Set Designer. 

I’m a creative maker and crazy about good and appealing design.
To get the perfect result I love to use paper, hammer, sewing machine, different combinations of materials or whatever is needed to realise an idea.

After studiying Audiovisual Media at Hochschule der Medien in Stuttgart I was working as a Set Designer and Stop Motion Animator at Studio Flox, a film production specialised in Stop Motion commercials and explanatory videos. I was head of the art departmend and took care of design processes and Stop Motion animation. I was responsible for style, picture and color concepts, mood research, planning of puppets and props, crafting and animation.


During the last years I focused on paper and love the characteristic look. Simple two-dimensional papercut objects or more complex three-dimensional constructions – there are no limits to your imagination.
Potential application: props for film and photo shootings, decoration for shop windows or events and many more.
I’m excited to hear from you!


„Toggle“ and „Onionskin“ are no foreign words for me – I’m used to animate with Dragonframe.
I’m experienced in character animation and worked a lot with hand models coordinating their movements. 
Also I have a good feeling for timing and movements and know-how regarding lip sync and rigging.


I love to do style research and designs, to plan an object virtually and craft it with my hands. Specialised in paper objects I also like a lot to work with materials like wood, concrete, silicon, latex, plastic, textiles, cardboard, Kapa, clay, plaster, etc. or a combination of some.


My experiences in puppet building include prototyping, mould making, casting moulds (silicon/plastic), building armatures, moulding with latex milk/foam material/etc., coating armatures with textiles, miniature dressing, replacements.
I’m working very precise and detailed.